Countertops & Custom Pieces

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops offer a completely customizable, handcrafted surface popular in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertaining areas, as well as in restaurants and bars. Concrete counters marry functionality and beauty, giving you the ability to create surfaces in virtually any color, shape or size. Textures and finishes are available to match any design style, including traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, and rustic, plus they are inherently durable and easy to clean and maintain. Our countertops are sealed providing heat resistance up to 300 degrees and chip resistance. Additionally, our sealers are food approved.

Concrete Sinks & Vessels

Many homeowners and designers are finding that concrete sinks are a perfect fit for achieving distinctive-looking basins. Because concrete can be poured to shape any form, concrete fits the bill for any type of sink imaginable. Whether it’s square, rectangular, oval, round, or integral, concrete can be shaped to blend into any decor and style. Concrete sinks, vanities and pedestals, marked by the elegance of deep colors and strong, clean lines, add drama, style and grace to any bathroom or powder room.

Furniture & Custom Pieces

Many of us think of concrete only as something we can walk on, drive on or build foundations with-not as a material we can lounge on, eat off of, use to display books and knickknacks, or fashion into furniture for a conference room or home office. Welcome to the new age of decorative concrete—a time when you’re as likely to encounter a concrete dining table, bench, bookcase, countertop or chair as you are a concrete patio. More furniture designers and artisans are abandoning wood and other traditional furniture materials and using concrete to build one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a unique sense of style to homes and businesses, indoors and out.