Stamped concrete creates beautiful surfaces and its application can truly transform a space. The colours and patterns available ensure a custom surfacing solution. Stamped concrete is a great way to upgrade from plain concrete and a beautiful way to overcome existing, old, worn out concrete surfaces. A stamped concrete overlay can pull together a space of non-matching outdoor surfaces, such as what is seen during a patio or driveway expansion. It is an upgrade that can add resale value to one’s home or business, providing a return on investment

Stamped concrete has advantages beyond its beauty. It is a less costly, and oftentimes much more durable alternative to wood, brick and tile. Given its solid structure, stamped concrete doesn’t pose a tripping hazard once ground shifts happen, which can unseat and buckle pavers, bricks and tiles. More over, stamped concrete is low maintenance compared to it’s rival surface options. Generally a sealant can be applied every few years to maintain the colour and prevent stains. Keeping the surface clean and free of debris will prevent most staining. Power washing can usually remove any stubborn stains.

Stamped concrete overlay can be a beautiful solution for:

  • Plain, poured concrete when an upgraded look is desired.
  • Retail, warehouse and restaurant flooring able to withstand high traffic.
  • Patched concrete as often seen after foundation or plumbing repairs.
  • Concrete poured at different times, resulting in mismatched texture and colour.
  • Old concrete in need of an update

At CreteART, you have many options to choose from. In addition to the traditional stamped designs of wood, stone, tile and brick we also provide custom templates and patterns. You’ll find our pricing to be competitive and our customer service is remarkable. Give us a call. Lets transform your space today!