Services We Offer

Trinidad & Tobago's Premiere Concrete Product Specialists

Concrete flooring is an enduring force in contemporary design because of concrete’s inherent durability, beauty and flexibility. At CreteART we specialize in finishing your existing concrete slab to the beauty of exotic stone flooring at a fraction of the cost.


Our services include all types of concrete finishes for the exterior around your home.  CreteART can repair, rejuvenate and beautify all your concrete to make a new and fresh looking finish that will last with very little maintenance in the harsh sun and heat.


Interior Concrete Floors are a durable long term solution for almost any building.  Wether you are building a new home or remodeling a retail space or restaurant, concrete will provide years of low maintenance and easy to clean surfaces.


Create a new decorative interior or exterior concrete surface through the use of our thin build and carvable self-bonding overlays


Create high-quality lighter weight concrete: countertops, furniture and other architectural elements.


High-strangth, concrete patching material that is rapid-setting and self bonding.


Engineered coatings systems; formulating an array of ultra-high performance coating products including stainless steel paints and antimicrobial coatings, commercial metal paints, metal primers, and metal cleaners.

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