Interior Floor Finishes

Epoxy & Urethane

Epoxy and Urethane coatings can increase the durability of your garage, warehouse, or other high-traffic floorspace. Importantly, such surfacing brings a non-slip component to flooring adding a degree of safety to the workspace. This flooring reflects light which can brighten up the environment. These floor coatings can significantly upgrade the look of a space and, with endless colour options, the finishes can be tailored to present a space unique to your personality or branding. Epoxy is used in modern home designs for a sleek look. It instantly updates a garage and protects the space from oil stains and tire marks. This flooring offers the added benefit of light reflection that is pleasing to homeowners, customers and employees.

Flake Flooring

Decorative flakes can be used to achieve a variety of desired appearances in an epoxy flooring system. Because the selected multicolored flakes are incorporated randomly into the resin system while it is still in liquid form, these floors are one of kind creations that avoid the repetitive patterns of tile or linoleum floors, including those that try to imitate a natural, organic appearance. Flakes can be synthetic or comprised of natural mica mineral and are available in different sizes for either a coarser or finer appearance, as well as in a variety of colors and blends.

Metallic Epoxy

A metallic epoxy floor coating is a multi-layered system that uses a clear or colored epoxy and metallic pigments. These pigments react in a way with the epoxy that can replicate lava flow, marbling, or just a plain sparkling surface. We don’t use any lesser grade material so substitute performance for beauty, you will receive a flooring that can perform just like industrial facilities flooring. A Metallic epoxy floor coating can be used anywhere in your home, from your garage to your man cave as it is able to withstand many different types of abuse with no penalty. It is perfect for your home if you don’t want flooring that requires heavy maintenance, a metallic epoxy floor coating doesn’t require any type of polishing or waxes, it gets its shine from the top layer of epoxy which is a clear resign formulated to protect.


Micro Topping is a single component thin concrete overlay that is a self-bonding cement based, for interior concrete surfaces. Micro-Topping was designed to yield an exceptionally smooth tight-troweled finish that can provide a new “blank canvas” for decorative concrete floors.

Stamp Overlay

Do you have a damaged concrete slab in desperate need of repair and resurfacing? are you looking for a fresh new look for your floors or walls? SureCrete’s pre-blended overlay bag mixes provide the widest variety of design and application flexibility. Utilizing easy-to-use, just-add-water mix designs, we’ll enable you to create your ultimate masterpiece or just give you a nice, clean surface for your project. SureStamp creates 3-D concrete surfaces through the use of stamping tools and texture mats. Created to design stamped concrete patterns like realistic wood, stone, brick, or slate looks with ease.

Recent Projects.

Kitchen Epoxy Project

kitchen needed a weekend do over so we applied our epoxy coating over his tiles after carrying out the neccessary steps. Added 2050 sand to the epoxy as well so that his workers will have no slip issues like they did with tiles. Epoxy floors are the most durable and practical solution for any kitchen, medical facility, laboratories, warehouses etc.

Microtopping Project

This was both an indoor and outdoor project. Indoors we did our microtopping finish and outside we used our customers newly cast driveway to cut a pattern in and then apply our Siloxane Dye. We completed the finishes with two of our stepping stones.


Garage Flake Flooring Project

Three car garage done with metallic flakes. 4″ coving also applied on the wall.