Industrial Coating Solutions

Liquid Stainless Steel Metal Paints

Burke Industrial Coatings is proud to manufacture its exclusive line of ultra-high performance, water-based, liquid stainless steel coatings for metal, wood, and concrete.  Our stainless steel finishes utilize Alloy 316 stainless steel flake for its unique performance properties including outstanding corrosion resistance and maximum long-term durability even under extreme exposures. Since liquid stainless steel is essentially inert, it prevents the migration of moisture, oxygen, and chemicals and provides resistance to general weather, coastal environments, chemical fumes, spillage, and abrasion – far exceeding that of any other industrial coating.  In addition, our liquid stainless steel coatings provide U.V. resistance that is superior to any standard coating on the market. Each liquid stainless steel coating can be used as a direct to metal finish on galvanized steel, tin, aluminum, and concrete.  Our stainless steel coatings can also be used as a top coat over primed steel surfaces and most previously painted surfaces.

AntiMicrobial Metal Paints & Coating Products

Antimicrobial coatings are customarily applied to surfaces such as counters, walls, door handles, and other high-touch areas. Additionally, a growing market has been seen in the HVAC vents and mechanicals. The reason for the high growth is due to the need to inhibit the spread of germs and bacteria. Rising concern regarding the rapid growth of hospital-acquired infections has also played an important factor in boosting the overall industry demand for antimicrobial coatings. In the medical and health sector, antimicrobial resinous applications can help stop the spread of pathogens that can cause disease. This is key in providing better care to individuals who already have weakened immune systems. Many ask if utilizing a resinous antimicrobial coating reduces the time and cost of properly sanitizing a standard room, the answer is yes. Resinous coatings with antimicrobial attributes lower the environmental footprint of aggressive cleaning products and the time needed to properly use them. When a surface does not need as thorough of a cleaning, it reduces labor costs and cleaning material costs, therefore making the operating costs of a facility less expensive.

Commercial Grade Metal Paints & Coating Products

Burke Industrial Coatings has taken the confusion and guesswork out of topcoat selection.  Yes, you can handle any one of your tough maintenance or OEM coating problems by selecting one of our topcoats.  Their ultra-high performance characteristics, as well as their wide range of performance parameters, make your selection process simple.   Our topcoats use only the very best non-metallic pigments in order to offer you a complete spectrum of non-metallic colors. Use on properly prepared and primed metal, masonry or wood surfaces in outdoor or indoor environments.  May be applied by brush, roller or air atomized and airless spray. Don’t confuse these products with ordinary maintenance, or OEM paints.  If you are looking for your best coating value, select Burke Industrial Coatings commercial metal paints.

Metal Primers & Rust Converting Products

Burke Industrial Coatings metal primer coatings are formulated to prime steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel and to provide added protection from corrosion and chemical attack in harsh environments.  Our industrial grade primers contain pacifiers and rust inhibitors that stop premature degradation in its tracks and contribute to a longer service life of metal for manufacturing and maintenance operations. With superior adhesion properties, our primers prevent chipping, cracking and peeling to promote optimal performance. Fast drying with low VOC’s and low odors, our primers are well suited for plant maintenance, OEM operations, or any fast-paced industrial environment – interior or exterior.