CreteART Limited opened its doors in June 2015 with just a 1,000 sq ft warehouse in the famous Sparrow’s Hideaway which had been converted into a warehousing and showroom facility, with one (1) full time employee and two (2) sub contractors.


Exclusive Distributor

The company had secured a partnership with SureCrete Design products, a US based manufacturer of decorative and specialty concrete products. SureCrete products have been specifically formulated to resurface concrete floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, and architectural castings.

In deciding  whether CreteART would be a viable company we took the view that since every building starts with concrete floors  our market was anyone who was building.  We started with only two (2) jobs and then hit the streets to find work.

In our initial market research we met with many local architects and interior designers who said they wanted these products for the longest time but no one offered it at the quality that they could offer their clients. We therefore spent a lot of money on training and equipment to ensure that we had the necessary tools to deliver the highest quality of work in the industry.

CreteART secured exclusive distributorship with Surecrete Design products after 8 months of operations by surpassing all set quotas!

During the first year CreteART Ltd was able to open its own showroom at the same facility showcasing its floor and wall applications together with its concrete counter tops with its line of products.

Texture Plus

Authorized Distributor

Though there were other companies doing it,  no one was offering the full range of products such as stamped concrete, overlay finishes, wall sprays, concrete counter tops, epoxy floors etc.

After the first year we started to outgrow our occupied facilities and have since moved to a 5000 sq ft property on Diego Martin Main Road which houses our:

  • Showroom
  • Counter Top Workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Offices

We also acquired more equipment and continued to invest in the company to ensure we kept up to date with the wordwide industry.

Our newest acquisition is a state of the art On Demand Tinting Machine which can tint concrete sealers, epoxy’s, polyurethane sealers etc on the spot. It is the only machine of its kind in the world.

We also secured exclusive distributorship with Surecrete Design products after 8 months of operations by surpassing all set quotas.

Our latest project that has been completed in our counter top workshop which is fully temperature controlled so that we can offer the highest quality of concrete counter tops.