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CreteART provides consulting, installation and training to the local and regional market. CreteART places its focus on Architects, Home Owners, Concrete Finishers, General Contractors and Interior Designers to bring them knowledge and offer advice on the demands of interior and exterior architectural designs.

CreteART has worked with and continues to work with a diverse range of industry professionals catering to the individual needs of each project focusing on products and designs that are conducive to the particular environment they are working in. We consult on on-the-job applications and installations and provide the technical expertise to complete jobs successfully.

CreteART Limited has four (4) full time employees and works with 20 sub contractors which have been trained and certified by Surecrete Design Products

Team Work

From strategic planning to execution, from field operations to client relationships CreteART professionals accompany you in all your projects. With a strong team spirit they focus their expertise on the same goal: to achieve the one you set and on which the performance of the company will be judged


We have always been convinced that tools, process and methodology allow us to offer our clients superior products. Thus, we have developed our own offerings to optimize the needs of your projects.


Our ondemand tinting machine can custom color sealers and epoxys on the spot and our countertop workshop is temperature controlled so we can offer the highest quality concrete countertops.


Floors shouldn’t be wallet-draining projects or events you should dread. We offer high-end materials at affordable prices because we want your vision for your floors to come true. Whether you’re looking for a new floor for your home or your business, we are here for you.

People we work with.

SureCrete Design Products

SureCrete LLC. is a manufacturer of decorative and specialty concrete coatings. Our technologies have grown to over 1,400 products, since opening our doors in 1999. SureCrete was born out of the need for quality concrete products that are equal to the level of technical customer support. Once you try our products and interact with our team, you will never need another decorative concrete manufacturer.

TK Products

TK Products is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified manufacturer of quality surface treatments for concrete for over 60 years. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for concrete construction product solutions. Our technology has created top performing products that aid contractors in curing, protecting, restoring or beautifying concrete properly. TK Products’ trained and diverse staff help compliments our distribution channels. This allows delivering the best customer experience, even if the project is D.O.T., Industrial, or Residential.

Burke Industrial Coatings

We are a manufacturer of ultra-high-performance engineered coating solutions for over 60 years. Our coating technologies include 316L liquid stainless steel paint epoxy sealers, silver antimicrobial surface coatings, high heat and corrosion resistant paints, primers, and cleaners. We have over 1,000 product formulations in our database, ready to be utilized for even the most unique application challenges.

Concrete Coatings Inc

Concrete Coatings, Inc. has been proudly leading the industry for over 20 years, manufacturing overlays, stains & dyes and other products for your concrete projects.

Our product lines include clean, prep and repair products, Stamp-Tek™, Spray-Tek™, VIVID™ Acid Stains, Quick Dye™, and options for resinous flooring and sealers. We’re always innovating new products!

Sierra Paints

Sierra manufactures high performance, industrial grade, custom engineered coatings catered to the OEM, trailer, automotive, industrial and maintenance industries. We are specialists in barrier coating technologies; providing protection to metal, concrete, wood, and composites from corrosion and chemical attack, UV and weather extremes, and impact and abrasion resistance expected in industrial paint and coating products.

The EZ Street Company

Why can’t building materials be as handy and convenient as other packaged goods?

The question seems simple enough. The EZ Street team wondered why nobody had ever asked it. Fortunately, they did the asking and answered themselves with EZ Street. The EZ Street Company exploded onto the building materials scene in 1995 with the introduction of EZ Street Cold Asphalt. Temperature resistant, non-messy and easy to use, this innovative product was an instant hit with both consumers and industry. And why not? Look at the instructions distilled to their most basic essence.

Throw it in, compact it, walk away, never worry.

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